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What's that smell? It's the smell of Christmas in the air! Hold onto your butts, because this is a holiday adventure that you won't soon forget.

First off, you will meet Barf. Scour the flea market and find the perfect seasonal items to bring to Butt's house for a Christmas gathering.

Then you will help Butt decorate the Christmas tree. Shoot the ornament box and suck the ornaments into your ass. Then hold on! Stay clenched and place those ornaments on that naked tree. Dress it up!

So far so good, right? Wrong. Shit is going to go down. Travel from the ends of the world into the pits of hell. Love and friendship will prevail, but only if Lucifer falls.

Collect various hats to change your firing style. Charge your shots to cause lethal damage. Fight strange foes, step up to challenging bosses and engage in conversations with all sorts of strange creatures.

Do you newgrounds? Try the web version here!


Check out the RAD soundtrack here!

WASD: move
L: clench, release shots / interact
K: inhale, release inhaled items
I,O: toggle hat / weapon
ESC: toggle fullscreen

DPAD: move
A: clench, release shots / interact
X: inhale, release inhaled items
L,R: toggle hat / weapon
ESC: toggle fullscreen


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I had a great time playing this! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language). Cheers

I don't know what I expected... It was still pretty funny but wasn't prepared for how challenging it was! Hope you enjoy the video, and had a very merry christmas! 

Wow, this is an interesting game, tons of choice of weaponry, lots of funny dialogue, and it's even challenging.  So much so that I didn't manage to finish it just yet haha.  That Buttlicker man, geez.  Although I was playing with keyboard, with which I suck.  Anyway, this is a fantastic game, nice work!  It's the 4th game in this group of Christmas games.


This is unique, gross, and festive all at once and I'm okay with that. You've somehow managed to capture the fun of a bullet curtain game without making it mind numbingly challenging, and kept an amusing Christmas theme going. With butts.

Good job. You made a thing.

Part 2!

And the finale!

Thanks for the entertaining playthrough!


That was quite an adventure. Not sure I found all the hats but.. BUTT, I was victorious. Any plans for bore adventures? :)

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This definitely is not the last you will see of Butt... glad you enjoyed it! We will keep you in the loop! Happy new year<3

Great to hear! Can't wait for a BUTT Valentine's Day. :)

Hmmm.... Also- taking your sore thumb / d-pad gripes into account for a future update!

Using the D-pad on a Xbox 360 controller always feels weird to me, probably because of the position.


Interesting, funny game!